Renewable Energy Sources

Energy Cluster Presov region (EKPK) is a voluntary association of legal entities located in the Presov Region. It plays the role of partner institution in the field of diversification of energy dependence in the region with the support of technology-oriented companies. The aim is to ensure the competitiveness of the region with the best possible use of natural resources. EKPK priority focus is the use of renewable energy sources with respect to the environmental requirements of the region.

Offered portfolio products:

  • Deployment of RES
  • Specification of the conditions in the operation of RES
  • Analysis of operating conditions with regard to renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency of buildings
  • Analyzes and studies, including scheduled activities taking into account the possibilities and capabilities of the client

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient buildings and appliances are described as building and equipping that need to run the minimum power necessary to ensure a comfortable and functional operation. By energy efficiency we mean minimizing the costs of energy delivery and maximum possible use at maximum maintaining the technology of equipped buildings. Indeed, effective solutions must take into account the complex demands of evaluation of operations with a view to minimizing the primary energy needs.

Cluster addresses energy efficiency of:

  • Other public buildings
  • Private sector buildings
  • Industrial establishments
  • Technological equipment
  • Energy facilities

Environment and Economics

Environmental economics is such a development, which allows meeting the needs of current generations without compromising the abilities of future generations to provide for their own needs. It is a process in which the exploitation of resources, direction of investments, the orientation of technological development and institutional change are all in harmony and need both the current and future potential to meet human needs and aspirations.

Among the priorities to be addressed in the environmental economy is reviving growth (poverty issues), change the quality of growth, the satisfaction of basic human needs, ensuring sustainable levels of population, protect and enhance the resource base, reorienting technology and risk management, linking environment and economy in decision-making processes.