EKPK is a co-author of strategies, analyses, and studies by which it supports the development of education, science, and research in the energy cluster’s field activities in the region. In our library, documents on which a team of cluster members participated are published as a result of the cluster’s publishing activities.

List of EKPK co-authored documents

PSK Energy Management Programme

Analytical study of efficiency in the use of energy in facilities under the PSK’s establishing authority

In the e-library, we offer links to professional literature and interesting articles on the functioning of a cluster, energy efficiency, and the environment. With that, we want to support the public and the cluster’s members by making available information concerning the development of cluster policies, energy business, and environment.


Cluster policy in the conditions of Slovakia

Support of innovative solutions in Slovak towns and cities

Furthermore, literature in the range of at least 90 documents of professional literature, technical standards, textbooks, and handbooks is available in the EKPK Laboratory Library for the members of the cluster. The members of the cluster can borrow the literature.

List of literature