Prešov Region Energy Cluster (EKPK)

The Prešov Region Energy Cluster (EKPK) is a voluntary interest-based association of legal entities operating in the Prešov Self-Governing Region. It fulfils the role of a partner institution in the field of energy dependence diversification in the region with the support of technology-orientated companies. The objective is to secure the region’s competitiveness with the best possible use of the region’s natural resources. The EKPK’s priority focus is the use of renewable energy sources with regard to the region’s environmental requirements and energy efficiency. It secures the building of energy management in the business sphere, including the process management of energy.

The Prešov Region Energy Cluster conducts its activities through its members and partners. The cluster’s partners represent expert groups from the public and private sectors aiming to implement their own research, development, and technical solutions on the market.

The founding members of the cluster are:

  • Prešov Self-Governing Regio
  • Slovak Environmental Agency
  • Prešov University in Prešov
  • Environmental Energy Agency

The Prešov Region Energy Cluster has available modern tools and equipment for the implementation of its services

Based on the innovative model of functioning (1), the cluster develops close cooperation between individual units operating in one region:

The business environment defines requirements of the practice and requires a university-educated environmentalist. It supports research and creates preconditions for further business activities.

Universities and research and development centres create new tools for business activities and create innovative tools for the competitive environment on the market. Results of research and development become a part of the know-how.

The environment defines requirements suitable for the environment and offers environmental products. It creates a raw material base for the benefit of the business environment (biomass, green chemistry, renewable energy sources, etc.) while expects from the research environmentally friendly procedures and solutions effecting the reduction of the carbon footprint.

The government creates support mechanisms with respect to long-term sustainability and sets limits for the management of environmental tools in an area.